Thursday, January 26, 2023

Sinfhoton - The Pre-Muff, Big Muff

In the late 60s an Italian amplifier company called Montarbo created one of the coolest and most saturated fuzzes ever to hit the market. It was called the "Sinfhoton" and though its sound can most easily be compared to a Big Muff, its design supposedly predates the BM by at least 1 year (I am still trying to track down actual evidence that these were released in 1968, so take the whole premise of this post with some skepticism). It also featured one of the first "gooped" circuits to be found inside a guitar pedal! 

And while it was mostly contained to Italian markets and can be pretty difficult to find an original late 60s version; when you do, they sound glorious! 

*The Sinfhoton was also briefly released under the brand Sisme, as the "Sismetone", and came in black and red.

Check em out, 3 ways...

thanks for watching!

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