About T.M.

I decided to add a new section to the blog that describes everything going on, and how to navigate it all a little easier.

  • First, you'll notice on the top right sidebar there is a "Search" function.  It actually works! and surprisingly well. So if you are looking for a specific post you remember about the Univox Squarewave, for example, you can just type "Squarewave" in the Search Bar and it will pull up any posts that mention it!

  • Next, you may have noticed, especially in the longer review posts, that there are highlighted or hotlinked words.  These are NOT spam links, they are actually direct links to more information on that specific pedal, put there intentionally by me.  It hadn't occurred to me that people don't like to click on those word links until I noticed that most of the articles you read online have them, but they tend to be ads for sex pills or something...

  • The "Stompbox Articles" page is a list of only the full reviews we do.  But there have been a bunch of other posts where we just touch on a few details of an effect.  These are still worth a read, but it won't be listed on that page.  So again, if you are looking for something specific, use the Search Bar and it should pop up pretty quickly.

  • I have noticed that people love looking through the "On the Hunt" page, which is where I post up rare and obscure effects I am currently seeking out.  For a more comprehensive list I have added a link to my page on the FXDB website; which shows even more, and weirder stuff I am trying to track down.

  • Lastly, on the "Contact Me" page, to avoid my email getting spammed to hell I have decided to use a masking tool to hide my real email address.  So the best way to contact me is by Right Clicking the link that says "Click Here for email", then choose the "copy email address" option, and just paste that in your favorite email server and hit me up!

Alright -__-
Thanks everyone for enjoying what we have done here so far.
There are definitely more and better things lined up for the future.

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