Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Tale of Two Astros...

So this past week saw a dinosaur of the pedal world stick its head out for some air; not once, but TWICE! That's right, two Astro-Amp Astrotones were on ebay (one is currently still for sale).

The first one, and this really blows my mind, sold for $3,000!!! and was amongst a few others I have seen as being made on March 27th 1967 (up until now was the earliest date seen on an Astro) with the initials "FM" written on the inside of the pedal. The circuit board, components and date were identical to the one I have, so nothing really crazy or different about it. But the other one was dated for 3 days prior, March 24th 1967 with the initials "EG" written on it; making this the earliest example of an Astrotone that has ever surfaced. There was one random point of difference to mention and that was the extra resistor you see on the board. Apparently this was just done to bias a transistor and should not affect the tone, but being the nerd that I am I just had to point that out for y'all!

Thanks to the auctioners we also have these really nice and clean photos to add to the blog, for posterity-sake.
So enjoy, and thanks!

thanks for reading!

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