Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The King Has Come! rejoice and be glad.

Earlier this week friend of the blog Bart/Discofreq (of scored, what over the years has become an almost mythical pedal, the Leo Fuzz King.

This Japanese Fuzz/(Wah?), which I am going to assume is from the mid-70's, was first and up until this point only, seen on the video for Yurayura Teikoku's song "Tsumetai Gift". Which we actually posted a while back RIGHT HERE.

At this point, the Leo Fuzz King is still considered an extremely rare stomp, with now only 2 known to exist, and possibly a third that an ex-collector remembered having as part his stash...

So be on the lookout!
It's enormous, so it shouldn't be hard to spot.
Who knows, maybe you have one holding up the foundation of your house or something?


thanks for reading!

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