Tuesday, July 19, 2022

And we are back...

After a six year hiatus, and battling with being blocked from all social media platforms (for apparently no reason), we are finally back!!!

I want to first thank everyone who had reached out over the past few years, and anyone else who ever followed, read, or shared what we did here over a decade ago! It blows my mind that I still see people citing this page (for better or worse 😂) in their for-sale and auction posts. 

The vintage pedal collecting world has definitely changed in that time, which is weird as hell to even write, and places like Instagram and YouTube have propelled the hobby to an insane level of popularity.

I myself essentially moved and scaled down the blog to my own Instagram page ( Found HERE ). So yes, I'm still collecting and still nerding-out on these crusty old boxes of joyful noise. But there's only so deep I can go on an IG post, and only so much you'll read in one! So I have decided to resurrect the blog and just see what happens.

I have a bit of cleaning up to do as many of the old posts now have dead links and some info that probably needs updating; but other than that, it's going to be back to what we always did here (with some new ideas thrown in the mix)...

So thanks again, and we'll see you in a bit!

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