Monday, February 6, 2023

The Cult of Sekova Big Muff

The early 70's Sekova Big Muff is a bit of a "Holy Grail" for vintage pedal collectors. Finding out for the first time that there was a Japanese version of the Triangle Muff was like finding out that your favorite song as a kid was just a cover by an even better band!

In its gorgeous red paint finish, boring but somehow super cool font choice, and that 'Shin Ei' footswitch staring right back at your soul, the Sekova Big Muff is legendary piece of Fuzz history...

Today, whilst nerding-out online, I came across this video from fellow pedal collector, Yuichiro Hosokawa of Cult Pedals, doing a demo of his personal Sekova Big Muff. Also, the first half of the video shows some of his unbelievable collection (that I may be a bit envious of).

check it out below//  *Skip to 7:13 for the demo


For way more on the history of the Sekova Big Muff, check out our big article HERE
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