Monday, March 18, 2024

Crawdaddy Magazine Vol. IV No. 14 (1970)

I'm hoping you can help!

A few months back I posted an article about one of the earliest Big Muff ads I have ever found. It came out of Crawdaddy Magazine, from either March or April of 1970, and features a nice quarter-page photo ad from Electro Harmonix. 

And while I have been able to acquire most of the Crawdaddy issues from that year, I am missing one. Volume 4, Issue 14 from October 1970.

Originally the main story was an interview with Ray Davies of the Kinks. But right as they were about to send it off to the presses, Jimi Hendrix tragically died. And so the cover was changed and a small tribute was added.

Crawdaddy vol. IV no. 14 1970 Hendrix

Interestingly I am looking for this issue not so much because of the Hendrix tribute, but because it contains a couple of ads that I'm desperately trying to track down.

If you happen to have a copy of Crawdaddy vol. IV no. 14 please contact me via Email or Instagram

Thanks for your help!


  1. Have you tried contacting EHX to see if they have this magazine?

    1. I haven't! I know they used a page from it for ads and promotion. I'm really just interested in seeing the rest of the context of that issue. Thanks for the idea!