Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Audio Matrix Mini Boogee (1980)

Our friend Jerms just posted up another demo vid. of a mega cool (and rare) pedal, the Audio Matrix Mini Boogee.

The Mini Boogee was the first offering from B.K. Butler of what was to become his legendary Tube Driver pedal. It was a badass overdrive with fuzzy tendencies that, in 1981 when he received notice from Randall Smith/Mesa decided to change the name to the "Mini Matrix" so no legal toes where stepped on. The pedal lasted until 1984 when it took it's final incarnation as the Chandler Tube Driver.

There are technically 4 versions of the Mini Boogee, although all of them have the same pcb:
version 1: White Bud Box - No Wood Panels - "Mini Boogee" 1980
version 2: White Bud Box - Wood Panels - "Mini Boogee" 1980
version 3: Black Bud Box - Wood Panels - "Mini Boogee" 1981
version 4: Black Bud Box - Wood Panels - "Mini Matrix" 1981-1984

Pictured above is the Mini Boogee from my collection, exactly like the one in the video. Another road we will travel down more deeply in the future, but know that it stacks amazingly with other pedals/fuzzes! My favorite combination is probably the Maestro MFZ-1 (posted last week) going into the Boogee.
Pure Chunky Squelching Fire.

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