Sunday, February 17, 2013

Giannini Super Fuzz demo

Olá Brasil

Giannnini is a pedal company from Brazil who came out with a set of effects in the mid-70's.
Most of them were copies of American pedals, but they all had their unique thing going on. In Brazil, Giannini stompboxes are actually pretty common, sort of like vintage Electro Harmonix pedals are in the US. But it's getting them out of the motherland that is the challenge...

So as you guessed it, this is their "version" of the Univox Super Fuzz. It sounds pretty damn nice from the video and I wouldn't mind procuring one for myself. : )  So if any of my Brazilian fuzz brothers or sisters out there could please contact me and let me know if you could possibly help me find one, I would greatly appreciate that!

thanks for watching!

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