Thursday, March 13, 2014

Octave Beauty!

Check out this amazingly perfect original Tycobrahe Octavia from our friend Dave Fox, yes the same man behind FoxRox Electronics...

here's the background story:
Back in 1990 I was working with Jim Gamble, who was the cheif engineer at Tycobrahe in the 70's. Through that association, I got to know Dirk Shubert, who was also an engineer at Tycobrahe. One day I did some work for Dirk and I told him about my interest in the very rare "Tycobrahe Octavia" effect pedal. A few days later a gift came in the mail. An Octavia, still in its original wooden box along with a Tycobrahe sticker, information sheet and warranty card with instructions.

so awesome///

big thanks to Dave for the photos,
and Thank you for checking us out!

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