Thursday, March 9, 2023

In Search of the Australian Fuzzmaster... Part 3.

For our third installment on the Australian made Claybridge Fuzzmaster pedals we're posting up two demo videos; one for the Fuzzmaster MKIV and another one for the Fuzzmaster Wildcat.

While you can tell that each are based off the same circuit, the MK IV has more grit and highend sizzle but still retains the low end; and the Wildcat is just a roaring explosive fuzz that almost plays more like a Distortion than a classic 60s fuzztone.

So check them out and see for yourself//

A huge thanks to our friend Tony for the MKIV demo! You can check out more from Tony HERE.

Another huge thanks goes to our friend Evan Miller who recorded these little clips just for us.

For way more information on these rare birds, definitely check out Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE, and get ready to go deeeeeeep down the rabbit hole.

Thanks for watching!

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