Wednesday, December 13, 2023

1967 Jordan Juniors Collection

In 1967 Jordan Electronics introduced 3 small plugin effects (possibly modeled off the VOX plugin series from 2 years prior?), that included the Boss Boost, the legendary Boss Tone, and the newest addition to my collection, the Vico Vibe

They called this series the "Jordan Juniors", and up until now it has been nearly impossible for me to find all three... I lucked out about 12 years ago and came across both the Boss Boost and the v1 1967 Boss Tone within a few months of each other. But, it took this long to finally nab a Vico Vibe, and I'm so pumped!

After getting this in today I realized a few things; 1, The Vico Vibe logo is essentially the same design as the infamous 1966 "prototype" Boss Tone which has never seen the light of day. 2, I realized a very small detail that leads me to believe that there are 2 versions of each effect! and 3, now I have to find those variations to really complete the collection. 

It's never-ending. hahahahahahelpme

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