Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Steelphon Fuzz - part due

A while back we posted a cool demo of the shadowy and mysterious Steelphon Fuzz. From that video you can tell it has a 60's fuzzy crunch, most associated with the Italian Vox Tonebender, and also some added balls and fire going on.

I was able to find one of these babies recently and it does not disappoint!  We will do a thorough review in the future and get into all the heavy details, but today I just want to put out there (so maybe someone who knows will respond) some thoughts I have floating around in my head about it...

Steelphon was an Italian amplifier company out of Turin that started in the 60's and went all the way to the 80's. They also made synthesizers, a guitar or two in the late 60's, and this fuzz box sometime between 1967 and 1969 (totally a guess, but it seems reasonable?). I don't really know too much about the company and I especially don't know much about the fuzz. Hence, this post.

So if you happen to know any more details, or if you could point me to the right place I would greatly appreciate it!  

Things I am trying to find out are:
1. exactly when the fuzz was made
2. who designed/built it
3. how many were made, and
4. was the "Pep" control inspired by the Rush Pep fuzz, or was there some other more interesting reason?

oh yeah, check out what was hiding inside///

thanks for reading!

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