Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gemco Tonebender (1977)

So this oddity popped up on ebay today (still on there as of now) and it was so rare that I decided I need to snag the pics and post them here, for posterity. I have spread myself pretty thin lately with some recent pedal acquisitions so another $800 may not be the best idea right now!

I have a feeling this is a post I will have to update after consulting with a few fellow pedal nerds about what circuit it actually is (I'm guessing a Jumbo TB?) but until then, the one thing I noticed for sure is that it's the same exact enclosure used for the Dharma Sound pedals! Now that doesn't necessarily mean that they are related in anyway, but you never know? The knobs are the same too...

Ok, well this is going to end up being a "To Be Continued" post until I get some more info on the Gemco Tonebender, until them, please enjoy the (unfortunately small) photos.
and if you buy this pedal, please let me know what's up with it.

Thanks for Reading!

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