Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Good Fuzzy Sounds"

This is just a heads up on a cool new Zine (yes you read that right, as in a real paper DIY magazine) that is about all things fuzz, called "Good Fuzzy Sounds". It's all done by hand, with cool drawings and interviews by Simon Murphy.

Description in his own words:
...my zine, in which i unravel a few myths about the birth of fuzz and Glenn Snoddy's monster, and how Gary Hurst, the Yardbirds and Heartful of Soul beat Satisfaction to the punch. All illustrated by me, no photos, plus how I discovered fuzz, my first band, the origins of diy fuzz geekdom, a comic strip and interviews with Pepe Rush (of WEM-Rush Pepbox fame) and Devi Ever...

So as you can guess I jumped at the opportunity for one of these, received mine in the mail today and have been pretty damned entertained and school'd. I highly recommend it for anyone who is into this blog././

For more info and ordering details check out Simon's blog here:
!Good Fuzzy Sounds!

Thanks for reading!

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