Friday, November 4, 2011

Updates and Stuff!

☟ Ok, so being totally new to the world of blogging and html, I have been getting some ideas from different sites & blogs on how to make this one more reader-friendly. So I decided to try out some of these things and hopefully they become the norm/ The one big and great addition is the "Stompbox Articles" page, which is like a directory to all of the straight-up reviews and photo logs of the awesome pedals you love. This should make it quick and easy to find exactly what you were looking for. It's broken up into categories and in alphabetical order... (Big Thanks::: goes out to the Effect Extra Blog for giving me the idea/ It's so simple, yet perfect! So make sure you guys hit them up and follow their blog too.) Soon I will add a couple more pages like a "Contacts" page, and a page of stuff I am out on the hunt for...(which is a little more selfish on my end, but if I do get them, I promise I will share the good gooey awesomeness with you all!) OK, that is it for now. I won a couple of pedals this week on the bay, so I will definitely have a few sweet posts coming up. and later today, if the rain holds off, I think I might do a cool and rare Maestro pedal. Thanks for reading! -ed

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