Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pearl Chorus CH-02 (1985)

Today we check out a couple demo videos of the Pearl Chorus CH-02 from the mid '80s.

I have grown to love most of the Pearl "Sound Spice" line, but this one ranks right at the top! Supposedly inside it's almost identical to the Boss CE-2, but it doesn't really sound like that to me, at all?
The best thing about the Pearl is that you can mix OUT your clean signal and get a pure pitch vibrato that will make anyone feel seasick at the right settings /\\|//\
I personally prefer it to the Boss VB-2, but that could just be me?
(they also go for about a quarter of the price)

so here's a couple demo vids I found on the tube,
1st shows the more subtle side and comes to us from user jlr300.

the other video comes from our good friend Joey, showing the more insane side of the CH-02 and the Pearl Flanger ( the Pearl Flanger is badass, and when you run it through a Big Muff, you're in Shoegaze heaven):

thanks for watching!

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